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Rise of the Carnivores (SIGNED paperback)

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ALL copies of "Rise of the Carnivores" purchased from this shop will have £1 go to the wonderful folks at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I will make these donations once a month, at the end of each month.

*** RELEASE DATE 15th March 2019 - all orders will be shipped after this date ***

I will personally sign each copy. If you would like a special message written, please let me know.

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About the book:
An over-the-top, B-Movie-esque, horrific, gore-fuelled dinosaur extravaganza!

From indie horror author Lou Yardley, comes a new dinosaur filled adventure!

Autumn Buck is the type of person who avoids drama at all costs, but after a chance encounter with scientists Wilfred Campbell and Liam Finch in a coffee shop, she finds herself in the centre of life-changing - and world changing - events. The kind of events that bring ravenous dinosaurs to your local high street.

Desperate not to become a light snack for tyrannosaurus rex, a tasty morsel for a mosasaurus or an hors d'oeuvre for a carnotaurus, the new friends must find a way to survive and a way to reverse the things they started. Failure is not an option.

Failure would mean the extinction of the human race.

“Rise of the Carnivores” is a thrilling b-movie-styled romp, dripping with Lou Yardley’s humour and taste for gore.